All drawings are "HO" Scale unless otherwise noted.

Lackawanna Mill $18
Mineral Farm Mine/Blacksmith Shop
  & Ore Bin $18
American Girl Hoist House $18
Treasure Mtn. Boarding Hse, Ore Bin,
  2-story Log Bldg. & Log Cabins $26
Grey Mill at Pandora $22
Red Mill at Pandora $24
  (Also see RGS Pandora List)
Ore Storage Bldg. at Silverton $18
Lewis Mill $22
Tomboy Lower Tram Hse. (Also "S") $22
Tram Structure/Ore Bin near Placerv. $16
Silver Belle Mine/Mill at Ophir Loop $29
Silver Hat Mill at Matterhorn $25
Hamlet Mill (3 Sheets)("HO" Only) $29
National Belle in Red Mountain Town $27
Primos Chemical Co. Mill at Vanadium $39
Colorado Fuel & Iron Screening & Loading Facility at Monarch Pass (5 Sheets)("HO" Only) $65
Pro Patria Mill at Rico $26
Mogul Mill at Gladstone $24
Mogul mill Power House $18
Keystone Ore Tipple near Telluride
  ("HO", "S" & "O") $16
Joker Tunnel Boarding House $18
Bagley Tunnel at the Frisco Mine
  at Animas Forks $20

Silver Lake Mill

(A complex plan provided with each order)
Main Mill Building $45
Large Loading and Storage Bldg $28
Carpentry Shop and small storage $18
Crusher House $18
Assay Office and Machine Shop $18
Boiler House & Engine/Equip Storage $18
Silver Lake Mill Complex SET $125
Coming Soon
Little Nation mill at Howardsville
Silver Ledge Mill
Kittimac Mill
Boston & Silverton (Yukon) Mill

Lewis Mill